Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Gratuitous Doctor Who Blogpost

A work colleague told me that, as a rule, blogs containing Doctor Who content get more hits than those that don't. So I have an ulterior motive for writing about the new series of the programme which started last Saturday on BBC1.

Actually there is so much written about Doctor Who on the web that I don't really want to blog too much about it. If you want good reviews of both new and classic Who as well as discussions about other cult and vintage TV programmes may I suggest you bookmark Frank's Cathode Ray Tube blog. It's an excellent site with meaty, informative articles which discusses old TV and film from a cultural and historical perspective.

I'm a big fan of Doctor Who. I was born the same year the programme began and I watched it from an early age. I was never really scared of the monsters (although I wasn't too keen on the Axons) but loved the SF and horror aspects of the show.

The recent revival has been a joy and it's very gratifying to see Doctor Who mania sweep over the country again. I'm pleased to say that the golden age continues with a wonderful new Doctor in Matt Smith, an intriguing new companion (I'm sure Amy Pond isn't all she seems) and a fine script by Steven 'I-never-think-in-a-straight-line' Moffat. It was dead good.

This will be my last word on the matter.

Unless I need to improve my hit count.


  1. Your £50 is in the post, Camino! Thanks for the mention.

    Nice to see you chatting about 'Doctor Who'. I think the blogosphere is a crowded place as far as 'Doctor Who' is concerned but I think if you can find a new angle on the series, feel you have something interesting to say about the old and the new, then it's worth considering posting about it. Don't let it be your last word!

    And to hell with the hit count. Blog because you want to! Readers will find you.

  2. More Doctor Who!

    I do love that Russell T Davies isn't in charge anymore. As great as the last few years have been, and as much as the franchise owes him for the renewal, I got sick of the schmaltz and the endless recurring characters/cybermen/daleks. It just reduced the threat/my interest everytime. Plus, the best episodes were always Steven Moffat's (Blink being the obvious choice).

    Matt Smith and the new techno-terrific intro sequence have fully convinced me that this series will be superb. Blog on!